Introduction & Preparation

I started road cycling 2 years ago, and being new to the sport enrolled in a clinic put on by the organizers of the Whistler Gran Fondo.  It was in this clinic that I first learned about Tour Transalp as our coach, Rob, would be making the journey to Europe later that year.  I thought at the time that this would be an amazing trip that I surely would never be able to take.

Tour Transalp 2015 is a 7 day amateur cycling stage race from Sonthofen in southern Germany to Arco, Italy.   The route crosses the German, Austrian & Italian Alps, and covers about 850 kilometres and 20,000 metres of elevation.  I will be making the journey with my teammate, Jörg, who also rides with the cycling club Just Giver 4PD out of Vancouver, BC.

On July 11, 2014 a group of us were having lunch at The Bench in Penticton when Joerg mentioned he was thinking about signing up for Tour Transalp the next year.  Without hesitation I quickly said that I would join him if he needed a partner.  One month later we were confirmed as one of the 600 teams of 2 for the 2015 Tour.

Although we were “training” right away, the real training began in January this year with Rob & Kelly, also from Just Giver 4PD, as our coaches.  Jörg and I would meet just before 6:00am on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at a studio where Rob had Computrainers set up for indoor cycling sessions.  I supplemented other rides on my home trainer, where I watched the entire series of House of Cards.  We rode mainly inside right up until April, and then moved the training onto the road.  I had a few challenges early in the year including being hit by a car, but I was able to keep on track with my training.  After lots of indoor intervals, and 28 climbs up Cypress mountain I feel ready!

Thank you to Jörg for inviting me, Rob & Kelly for your ongoing training and support, Jen for fixing my injuries, Landsea Tours for helping me reach my goals, and Jenna for the immense amount of effort put in to help make my dreams a reality.


First ride in Europe


Ride to Jüngholz




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